22 September, 2016

Less than 2 days you are already on your tough way, so it’s the last moment to share somme useful information!
All the information is printed onto the envelope with your starting materials, but some info you need some days before!

Haanja100 MTB 2016 schedule
Friday, September 23rd
14:00-24:00 Haanja100 race office is open (remember your bib nr to get the starting materials)
18:00-19:30 pasta-party at the hotel restaurant
Saturday, September 24th
06:30-09:00 Haanja100 race office is open
07:00 100miles race start
09:00 100km race start
13:45 estimated finish of the winner
14:00-20:00 pasta-party at the hotel restaurant
14:00-22:00 hotel spa is open for the participants
16:30 100km race awarding ceremony
18:00 100 miles race awarding ceremony
22:00 after-party in club “Tartu” in Võru, Koidula str 16

Track info:

Track is 100,8km long and includes 1710m of vertical climbing. Mile race is about 159km long and includes more than 2,5km of vert climbing. Route is marked with white ribbons (Elion logo) and white signs with red arrows on them. Kilometers 13-21 are marked with a little-bit different (blue-white) ribbon (Danpower logo).
There are 5 feeding stations on the track!

Sending your stuff to the Service Points or back to the finish:

You can send your own stuff to SP 2, 3 and 4. To do so, you have to hand over your stuff on to specific SP-cars, situated near the start area. Your stuff will be packed into a plastic bag with your start number on it. You must get your numbered bag at the relevant SP. You can also send stuff from SP to finish, packed into numbered plastic bag. Your can receive your bag at the finish area accordingly to the returning of the SP-cars. Last car from SP4 arrives at 18:00

Control time and check-point:

Cut-off time for the race is 10 hours, finish will be closed after the last finisher. But the service points and security personell will finish their work according to the reference time of 10km/h or 13,33km/h for mile racers. For example, securing the road-crossing on 88,2km will be ended at 17:54 or SP5 (service point) on the 88th kilometer will end their work at 18:00!
NB! At the 82nd kilometer (141km of the milerace) of the track will be a CheckPoint (CP), where after 6pm (18:00 local time) only competitors with working proper bicycle lights and sufficiently (more than 30%) loaded mobile phone will be allowed to pass and continue the race.

Something special:


LIVE TIME-KEEPING (3 intermedia times on 100km track and 7 on 100miles track)

GPS TRACKING (20 participants will get special devices for tracking their movements on the track)

MASSAGE – you can order a after-race massage through hotel Kubija reception.

In the race center ENERVIT (gels-drink) ja RATTAOSAD.EE (bicycle parts) are offering their goods for special price.

Questions via info@haanjamatkad.ee

Good luck and have a nice race!!!

Ivar Tupp
+372 511 4179