The objective of Tour de Rõuge (hereafter “tour”) is to popularize mountain bike sport as a joyful and useful form of spending one’s free time.
To offer the participants a possibility to test their or their companion’s athletic abilities.


The tour is organized by SK Haanja Rattamaratonid MTÜ (Vahtra 9-12, 65522, Võru municipality, Võrumaa, business register code 80232687, VAT code EE 101079150) in cooperation with the Municipality of Rõuge.
Chief organizer is Ivar Tupp, phone +372 511 4179

Place and time of the event

The tour will be held from 28th to 30th of June 2024 in different places of Võru region, in South-East of Estonia.
The start of the first stage is situated at Rõuge Ööbikuoru keskus.
Starting materials are available in starting place from 3pm until to the start at 6pm!
Second stage start is given from Rõuge Ööbikuoru keskus.
Third stage start is given at the Rõuge Ööbikuoru keskus.

Participants and competition classes

There are five competition classes: solo men and woman (hereafter “solo”); men pairs, woman pairs and mixed pairs (hereafter “teams”).
Every participant must be at least 18-years old at the moment of the start (latest birth date 28th of June 2006).

Stages, distances and start times

28th of June at 20.00 – 1st stage, 20km, start from  Rõuge Ööbikuoru Center.
29th of July at 12.00 – 2nd stage, 70km, start from Rõuge Ööbikuoru Center.
30th of July at 10.00 – 3rd stage, 60km, interval start and mass start at Rõuge Ööbikuoru Center.
At 10.00 interval start in Gundersen method for participants (solos and teams) who are loosing not more than 1 (one) hour to the leader (solo or team). At 11.00 mass start for participants (solos and teams) who are loosing more than 1 (one) hour to the leader (solo or team); start groups are formed according to the overall standings; stage time will be calculated considering the difference between start and finish time.

Results and prize-giving

The winners and winning teams are according to the competition classes the fastest ones considering the combined time of the stages.
The best for the 1st and 2nd stage is the fastest solo or team.
A member of the team is allowed to continue the race as solo when one member of the team is forced to pull out during the race. The time will be calculated on the basis of the team’s previous stage time.
The three fastest of the 1st and 2nd stage of every competition class will be awarded bonus seconds: I place 20 seconds, II place 10 seconds, III place 5 seconds.

The overall three best of every competition class will be awarded with a cup and/or item prizes.

Registration and entry fees

Registration starts on 2.01.2024 and can be done via home-page www.haanja100.ee or via e-mail info@haanjamatkad.ee
The participants are ensured with marked race course, start number, time keeping, diploma, feeding during and after the race and after-race bike-wash. The entry fees are as follows:
– until 31st of March 2024 – 122EUR per participant
– until 31th of May 2024 – 136EUR per participant;
– until 19th of June 2024 – 152EUR per participant;
-the entry fee is not refundable, it could only be delivered to another participant until June 5th 2024 for a fee of 15€ per delivery.
– if the event is canceled or delayed for reasons beyond the control of the organizer (Force Majeure), the entry fee will not be refunded

Participants equipment

Obligatory equipment:
Working mountain bike
Elementary tools for bike repair
Spare tubes, levers, pump
Zeroed speedometer at the start of every stage (helps to responsively locate participant in case of emergency)

Suggested equipment:
Charged mobile phone with the number of the chief organizer (+372 511 4179)
At least 2 liters of fluid on longer stages
Energy gels or batons

Rules and special regulations

3-stage Tour de Rõuge 2024 will take place according to the present instructions.
Issues that are not covered with present instructions will be solved by the jury of judges in cooperation with the organizer.
The change of team members is not allowed during the race. A member of the team can continue the race as solo when one member is forced to pull out of the race.
All participants must wear a helmet during the race or they will be disqualified.
The public roads used in the tour are open for traffic. All participants must obey common traffic rules and instructions given by the organizers or security personnel.
Team members must travel together during the race. The time difference of two team members shall not exceed 30 seconds. The penalty for breaking the mentioned time limit is 15 (fifteen) minutes.
Team’s stage time will be calculated when the last member is crossing the finish line.
Every participant enters the race on its own risk.
Tour’s organizers are not responsible for any lost items.
Tour’s organizers are not responsible for any collisions or accidents happening on the race course.
Unfamiliarity with present instructions does not free the participant from the responsibility arising from the instructions.
The tour will take place in any weather.
The organizers have the right to shorter or stop the tour in case of Force Majeure or some nature disaster.
The participants are strongly asked not to litter the race course and to act respectively towards the nature since the tour is held on the territory of the Haanja Nature Park.
By signing the start protocol the participant is obliged to follow all of the points and issues mentioned in the present instructions.

Additional info: Ivar Tupp (speaking English, Russian, Finnish), phone +372 511 4179, e-mail info@haanjamatkad.ee