1. Why:
As it is possible to cover 100km on bike or on your feet, it’s obviously possible on the skis!
2. When and where:
Saturday, March 16th 2024. Race center is situated in the Haanja Biathlon Center.
3. What:
100km on the 5km loop. Start at 10am, full distance is 20 loops. Control-time of the race is 8h, the deadline for starting the 19th lap is 5:36pm, finish will be closed at 6pm.
In order to get the result, participant has to cover at least 9 laps (45km). The winner(s) of the race is the fastest finisher of 20 loops/100km or as many loops as possible.
4. How and who:
There are 3 competition classes – classics, freestylers ja women. Classics should use only classic skiing style, freestylers can use any style and women can also use any style. Entry is open to everyone who are full-age (born before 16/3/2006) and are capable for taking part in an ultra skiing contest.
Every participant can use 2 (two) pairs of skis, which will be marked in the start. It’s possible to change the skis only in the changing area, situated near the start/finish area, using the non-marked skis is prohibited.
5. Entry, fees and other:
Entering the race starts at January 8th 2024 via following channels:
– via website www.haanja100.ee
– via e-mail info@haanjamatkad.ee
NB! Participants who like to receive an invoice should inform the organizer before paying entry fee.
Entry fees are:
Early bird price until 10.3.2023 – 50 euros
Normal price until 13.3.2022 – 65 euros
Last minute price until 16.3.2022–80 euros
Entry fee includes: marked route, electronic time-keeping, feeding-stations, after-race meal in local pub, after-race relaxation in sauna, diploma, awards for the 3 best in every competition class.
6. Participants knows and follows:
– everyone will participate in the race at their own responsibility,
– it is possible to change skis only in the changing area. There are some working places and some special personell in the area for waxing the skis. The participants will be served by an official queue, payment for the used services can be done after the race
– in feeding stations will be offered hot isotonic drink, hot tea, fresh water, RC Cola, salt, bread, salted cucumber (pickles), banana, raisins, buns and cookies
– every participant should use some old skiing bib/number, informing the organizer about it in advance by e-mail
– with registration every participant declares, that he/she has read these rules and he/she is ready to follow them.

Please don’t throw trash (used packages, bottles) into the nature. You can put them into the trash-can in every feeding station.

Organizer and info:
SK Haanja Rattamaratonid MTÜ, e-mail: info[ät]haanjamatkad.ee, phone: +372 511 4179 (Mr. Ivar Tupp, speaking English, Finnish, Russian).