The purpose of the event is to popularize the nature of Haanjamaa and to popularize the whole Võrumaa as an ideal place to spend ones time on a bike. The event is also a perfect occasion to test ones physical and mental abilities on an extra-long distance competition.

Saturday, 23rd of September, 2022. The start is given on the field in front of the Hotel Kubija in Võru. The finish is at the same place.

100 kilometer race will be held on one lap. The start is at 8:30am. There are 4 feeding stations on the track.
NB! The 100km track has approx. 1650 meters of vertical climbing. The route consists mainly (about 50%) of single-tracks, some of them in the forest, some on the fields. About 25% of route is wider path. The rest of the route goes by smaller and bigger roads, covered with gravel and tarmac.
NB! Organizer will set closing times for the feeding stations depending on the track and weather conditions at the race morning. The finish is opened till 9pm, but the control time is 11 hours for the 100km race, so everyone crossing the time limit will be on the track on their own responsibility – organizer will not guarantee the open Service Points or secured road crossings.

NB! In Service Points (SP) will be offered Enervit sports drink (you can fill your bottles or camel-backs), fresh water, salt, bread, salted cucumber (pickles), banana and raisins. In addition to the usual menu, SP1 offers Enervit energy goods, SP2 offers buns and cakes, SP3 offers pasta and sausage , SP4 offers RC Cola and water-melon. You can also get limited technical support at each SP. The spare parts have to be paid in the finish. If possible also a bike wash will be organized in case the weather conditions demand such help.

100 km race – Men, Men50 (born 1964-1973), Men60 (born before 1963), Women and Women50 (born before 1973)

The registration begins on 4th of July 2023 at 8:30am via following channels:
1. via website www.haanja100.ee
2. via e-mail info@haanjamatkad.ee (recommended for clubs and for invoice requests)

Entry is open for anyone who is born on 23rd of September 2005 or earlier and is fit enough to finish the race.

Entry fee includes: marked route, bib number with participants name and country flag (only for those entered before September 15th), electronical time-keeping, feeding-stations, finishers T-shirt, pre- and after-race pasta-party in hotel Kubija restaurant, after-race spa relaxation in hotel Kubija spa.
Entry fees for 100km race:
Early bird price: 4/7-31/7 – 120€
Special price: 1/8-31/8 – 132€
Main price: 1/9-13/9 – 144€
– the entry fee is not refundable. The participation can only be transferred to another participant until 17th of September 12am, for a fee of 15€
– if the event is canceled or delayed for reasons beyond the control of the organizer (Force Majeure), the entry fee will not be refunded
– p
articipants who like to receive an invoice should inform the organizer before the payment of the entry fee.

Awarding ceremony of 100km will take place at 16:00
Awarded will be: 6 best in Men, 3 best in M50, 3 best in M60 and 3 best in Women.
All finished participants will receive a Finishers T-shirt.

1. everyone will participate in the race at their own risk and responsibility;
2. the type of the bicycle is not regulated;
3. proper helmet is obligatory;
4. roads used in the race are open to the traffic; riders must follow common traffic rules, signs and traffic officers’ instructions;
5. Finish will be open until 9pm, but the cut-off time 11h, the service points and security personell will finish their work according to the reference time of 9km/h;
6. carry with you basic tools and spares, nutrition and a fully loaded mobile phone;
7. seeing someone in need of help, be sure to call 112 (general distress number) and after that +372 511 4179 (the organizer);
8. in case of abandoning the race you can order transport to the finish by phone + 372 511 4179.

NB! KEEP THE NATURE CLEAN! Please do not throw trash (used packages, bottles) into the nature. You can put them into the trash-can in every feeding station.

SK Haanja Rattamaratonid MTÜ, e-mail: info@haanjamatkad.ee, phone: +372 511 4179 (mr. Ivar Tupp, speaking English, Finnish, Russian).